Trigkey is a Chinese manufacturer of mini PC and hardwares. We headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. Founded in 2021, we entered the consumer electronics industry with mini PC.

Trigkey is dedicated to improving the office scene with mini desktop to save office space. We extended our reach to international market, predominantly in United States.The 1st product we release is Green G1, which is perfect for office.


As our brand name said "discovery technology green life", we focus on apply the newest technology to life. Meanwhile our goal is to manufacture energy-saving device while keep its high perfomance.


Our Advantage:

Strict Quality Control: To implement an effective quality control program, we create and document  approach to quality control. which includes:

  • Defining the quality standards for each product
  • Selecting the quality control method
  • Defining the number of products that will be tested
  • Creating and training employees for quality control
  • Creating a communication system for reporting defects or potential issues

Competitive Price

We provide the quality product while ensuring its competitive price.